We want to earn your trust.

Our first step is committing to transparency.

Saul, Adam, Konstantin, John, and Ethan are the core team building Juris. You can read more about us here. We appreciate the gravity of the role that Juris occupies as a platform for legal agreements and dispute resolution. Such a system will only work if users trust it to work. And we believe the first key to gaining trust is committing to transparency. We want you to feel like you know as much as possible about Juris. We can’t tell you everything but we’ll try our best.

To achieve this transparency, we have committed to these Transparency Procedures

We incorporated as a public benefit corporation, which means that while we are a for-profit company, we committed on day one to our social mission, and are legally required to consider it as we make decisions.

We will release an annual Public Benefits Report, in which we will give an assessment of the progress we’ve made toward achieving our stated public benefits. This reporting is another legal requirement of being a public benefit corporation. We look forward to publishing our first report in June 2019.

We have published our current Articles of Incorporation, which you can access here. We have also published our current Bylaws, which you can access here. We want you to understand how our corporate entity is structured.

We have published and will maintain in-depth information about our core team of builders and advisors so you can learn who we are and why we can be trusted.

Juris will strive for clarity and transparency in all its publications so that anyone, regardless of their technical or legal experience, can understand them fully and quickly.

These Transparency Procedures were last updated on October 12, 2018.