This is the Team building Juris.

(Warning: There are a lot of lawyers.)

Co-Founder, CEO

Saul E. Kerpelman


Saul ran Saul E. Kerpelman & Associates for 30+ years, rising to be the nationwide leader in the representation of children suffering from lead poisoning. He handled over 4,000 claims in total while driving policy initiatives to eradicate lead paint and close loopholes for repeat offenders. As a Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow he has focused on social impact business and initiatives to promote global justice.
Co-Founder, COO

Adam J. Kerpelman


Adam is a career entrepreneur who has founded a series of successful businesses at the edge of emerging technology, from digital streaming/video, to digital marketing, app development, and healthcare. In order to “take a break” from running companies, and to gain insights on paths to disrupt the legal field, he attended law school. He graduated in 2016 having done extensive writing on decentralization and the law. Work on what would become Juris began shortly thereafter.

Co-Founder, CTO

Konstantin Brazhnik


Konstantin is a career founder, developer, artist, and early adopter. He started coding as a double major in physics and art, with a math minor, and kept it up building video games at the world renowned USC School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media Department, eventually starting a software development company. Konstantin discovered  blockchain applications in the legal and public sector while managing the family real estate business. He worked at One Step Productions with Adam.


John Park


John is a seasoned business development leader with years of experience working at cutting edge technology companies. A licensed attorney who started his career practicing corporate law in major law firms, John now leverages his legal expertise to build domestic and international partnerships.

Business Affairs

Ethan Mackay


Ethan is a recent graduate of Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School, where he studied legal tech and entrepreneurship. Over his final summer in school, he worked in Silicon Valley at the law firm Fenwick and West. Before that, he worked in government at the Justice Department and at the nonprofit City Year. He was turned on to distributed ledger technology after realizing its potential to raise the standard of living around the world for millions of people.


Grant Sprainer

Grant is a senior at Brown University where he studies Economics. The summer after his sophomore year, he worked for Neptune Financial, a FinTech startup based in SF. He has developed a passion for blockchain applications throughout his time at Brown.

These are Our Advisors.

Co-conspirators, co-authors, inventors and scientists.


T. Dalton Combs


Behavioral Design

Ramsay Brown


Matt Mayberry

Cloud Engineering

Jake Dodd

Business, Engineering

T.Brian Jones

Mobile Engineering

Akash Desai

MAchine Learning

Vince Enachsecu