Designing a fair, fast, affordable dispute resolution system is complicated.

We developed the following specifications to guide our design.

This is the most obvious requirement of a dispute resolutions system.

Justice is a human right of all people, which means the system should not favor the wealthy. Resolution must be affordable. 

Users of a system must understand the system if they want to assess its effectiveness. This is why the Juris procedure must be transparent. 

Users information should not be exposed to the public when inappropriate.

Users shouldn’t lose because they can’t get online. Users shouldn’t lose because they can’t figure out how Juris works.

The procedure for each dispute should be adapted to suit that dispute.

Disputes should be resolved quickly.

The Juris procedure should get better with time, with input from users, with data. 

Juris resolutions should be compatible with state jurisdictions, so that users retain their rights and can enforce their resolutions.