RentSplit Algorithm

Now you're almost ready to submit your maximum rents to the RentSplit algorithm.

The last step is a gut check. Look at the numbers you've worked up. Make sure they are your true maximum rents for each room. If they aren't, you may not get the ideal room or the ideal rent split.

Maximum rent for each room means the number at which, if you were charged $1 more, you would refuse to live in that room. Make sure your number isn't too low and it isn't too high. Consider adjusting your numbers using your gut.

Once that is complete, you and your roommate are ready to enter your numbers on one computer.

Keep your numbers private. Roommate 1 is up first. Enter your maximum rents now.

After Roommate 1 has submitted their numbers, they should pass the computer to Roommate 2.

Roommate 2 can now enter their maximum rents.

You'll receive an email in the next few minutes with your results! Keep going!