Two Bedroom Home

Choosing rooms is a big decision. Your bedroom is a sacred space where you'll spend a lot of time.

Splitting rent is a big decision too. If you pay $100 more per month, that's $1,200 over the year. And if you're unhappy with the split, you might feel bitter about it for a year!

With that in mind, we created a rigorous, multi-step process. It should take around 15 minutes.

You will do the bulk of the process alone in private. But some steps will be done along with your roommate.

Let's get started!

First, tell us your email and the total rent for your new home.

Your Budget

Let's think through how much you should spend on rent.

Budgeting is not an exact science. Everyone has different circumstances, and you have to decide what's right for you. But here's a good place to start.

Many financial advisors and real estate professionals say that it's appropriate to spend about 30% of your annual income on rent.

Tell us your annual income and we'll tell you what you can spend monthly on rent, according to this rule.

Dialing in Your Budget

Let's adjust this number based on your situation.

There are good reasons to spend more than 30%. Maybe you live in an expensive city or want to live with your friends. The U.S. Census estimates that 41.5% of American renters spend over 35% of their annual income on rent.

There are good reasons to spend less than 30% too. Maybe you have loans you're paying off or you're saving up for something. In New York City, many landlords specifically prohibit tenants from spending more than 30%.

Keep in mind when deciding your rent budget that rent isn't your only living expense. There are utilities, internet, TV, broker's fees, etc.

Plug in your annual income and the rent budget your considering to see what percentage of your annual income that rent budget would be.

Now that you've given it some thought, tell us your rent budget per month.

What You'd Pay

Let's figure out how much you'd pay for each room!

Figuring out how much you'd pay for each bedroom is tough. That's why we created RentSplit!

One dependable way to figure this out is by looking at objective information.

The best objective information when it comes to homes, the type that everyone seems to care about, is the size of things.

What you'll do now is measure the sizes of things in the apartment, decide how important the sizes of the things are, then see how your decisions affect the rent split.

Dialing in What You'd Pay

Let's adjust your numbers based on your personal preferences!

Bedrooms are about more than square footage, windows, and closets. And you have other preferences! So now we'll walk you through some other reasons you might be willing to pay more or less for each bedroom.

As you ask yourself these questions, take the numbers you figured out above, then bump them up or down as you think is necessary. Here we go!

How are the views from the rooms?

How are the privacy levels in the bedrooms?

Do any of the bedrooms have private balconies?

Do any of the bedrooms have private bathrooms?

Are the bedrooms different in terms of heat or air conditioning?

Are there any other special characteristics of the bedrooms that raise or lower how much you'd pay to live in them?

Submitting to Our Algorithm

Get your roommate so you can do this process together!

Now that you've gone through this process, you should be ready to submit the maximum amounts you'd be willing to pay for each bedroom.

If you were charged $1 more than these numbers, you would have to go find a new home.

If you submit amounts less than your true maximum amounts, RentSplit won't work for you.

If you submit amounts less than your true maximum amounts, you may not get the room you want most.

You'll want to keep these amounts confidential from one another.

If the amounts can generate a fair assignment and rent split, you will receive an email within 10 minutes notifying you of the ideal assignment and rent split!

First up, one roommate should take the computer/device and submit their amounts privately.

Now the other roommate should take the computer/device and submit their amounts privately.

Getting Your Rent Split

You'll get an email from Juris shortly!

If RentSplit was unable to find a fair assignment and rent split, you and your roommate should go back a step. Think deeply about whether you submitted your true maximums. You may want to resubmit to see if you can find one. You can resubmit to our algorithm as many times as you'd like.

If RentSplit found a fair assignment and rent split, you can proceed to chore splitting!

Chore Splitting

Now let's figure out who will do what.

A happy home is one in which people know what chores they're expected to do and they both do an even amount.

With your roommate, draw up a list of all the chores in your new home that won't be split evenly. In other words, exclude cleaning the bathroom if you plan to split that evenly.

Then indicate on a scale from 1-5 how difficult or troublesome you would find each chore. 1 being easiest. 5 being most difficult.

Getting Your Chore Split

You'll get an email from Juris shortly!

RentSplit should have had no problem splitting up your chores. If it did, you can resubmit the chores as many times as you'd like!

Setting Home Expectations

Let's open up communication to prevent any conflicts!

The final thing to do is to take a moment to lay out your expectations for your home.

Many conflicts can be avoided by simply stating one's preferences, so the other roommate knows.

We'll just ask you a few questions, you can answer them together. Then we'll email you the list of expectations you've drawn up together.

You'll get an email from Juris shortly!


Let us know how we did!

You did it! That was the last step. You're now on a path to a fair and happy home life. How satisfied are you with your experience with Rent-Split? Please let us know on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being unsatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied.

You can also drop us a note with any feedback.

We sincerely hope we've helped you. Next time you split rent we hope you'll use us again :).