Here's what we're building.

And how you can get started.

Your Verified JurisID


With blockchain based identity you control your data. Built on the Ethereum EIP 725 Attestation Standard.


A JurisID in Good Standing means we've run a background verification of all academic, professional, and certification information.

The Open Source Contract Library

Open Source.

Code is law for computers. Law is code for human society. We're finally using the same tools for both.

Digital Legal Agreements.

Traditional contracts written in plain and understandable terms, combined with code to execute the automated business logic. (Also called smart contracts.)

Transaction History.

A complete history of the formation, deployment, and transactions related to your deployed Digital Legal Agreements.

09/20/18 │ Nondisclosure Agreement │ Drafted by Vivaan Johnson │ 4.82/5

01/04/18 │ Rental Agreement │ Drafted by Lauren Kowalski │ 4.76/5

03/21/18 │ Contractor Agreement │ Drafted by Nancy Nguyen │ 4.21/5

03/21/18 │ Contractor Agreement │ Drafted by Nancy Nguyen │ 4.21/5

The JRS Token


Juris is powered by the JRS token, which users spend and earn within the Juris system.

Legal work. Flexible schedule.

Welcome to the age of the "firm-nevers," because office space just complicates things.

Open Source. Scalable.

Help with an occasional contract, or run a whole law practice. What you earn is based on what you put in, and how much you help.

Built in Dispute Resolution


The Juris Dispute Resolution system employs ODR and ADR best practices in a system that escalates to human mediation through to binding arbitration.

Enforceable in 157 Countries

Built to United Nations (UNCITRAL) Standards for due process and fair dispute resolution. Read our whitepaper for more information.

The Future of The Law is Open.

Juris is building an open source legal system.

We are a group of coders, legal professionals, arbitrators, mediators, users, and partners overseen by a team with deep experience in law, business, economics, dispute resolution, and global social impact.

Our company, Juris, is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, with a charter devoted to global social good, and a focus on United Nations Sustainable development goal number sixteen:  “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”