Imagine a better legal system.

Blockchain-powered contracts.

Human-powered dispute resolution.

Access to justice for all.

Contracts are changing. Sign up to access the world’s first tokenized, open source, collaborative library of free, legally enforceable “smart” contracts. Professionals, verify your credentials and contribute to start earning JRS.

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The Future of The Law is Open.

Juris Community

The Juris Project is made up of lawyers, legal professionals, mediators and arbitrators who believe in a world with open access to legal help and peaceful dispute resolution, all professionally verified through our blockchain-powered JurisID system.

JRS Token

Juris Token (JRS) is an ERC-20 compatible token which powers the Juris system by incentivising open source contribution. Create an account and verify your credentials to start earning JRS.

Juris Protocol

Contracts are nothing if they aren't enforceable. The Juris Protocol is a human-powered dispute resolution system built to United Nations specifications to be enforceable in 157 countries.

Who is Juris For?

Legal Professionals.

Welcome to the future of legal work. Our system is built using the lessons of open source software development. Sign up, verify your credentials, and start building a reputation in the world’s first open legal system. Upload contracts and accept cases to earn JRS token.


Where there are contracts, there will be disputes. And what good is a contract that isn’t enforceable? We’re using ODR and ADR best practices to build the future of dispute resolution into the system. Sign up today to help.

Application Developers.

It turns out “smart contracts” aren’t all that smart. Use our legally enforceable Digital Legal Agreements to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong end of a law suit. Sign up to access our contract repo and fork away. Contact us if you have specific questions, we love working with anyone at the cutting edge.

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