Imagine a better legal system.

At Juris we are working on the next evolution of legal and dispute resolution services by combining people and computersLooking for help? Check out the tools we’re building below. Want to help? Sign up, verify your credentials, and get started working toward our goal:

Make the world more fair.

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Juris ToolS (Beta):

Ask a Lawyer.

We’re starting with a focus on access to justice: not everyone needs to hire a lawyer, and not everyone can afford to consult one. That doesn’t mean people should go without the counsel of someone who can help. We’re bridging that gap by making legal advice accessible to all. Ask a question, get an answer from a community of verified lawyers.

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The efficiency of artificial intelligence and automation. The effectiveness and enforceability of human mediation and arbitration.

(If you don’t know what this means don’t worry. This section isn’t for you.) 

Juris ToolS (Beta):

Bring back the "counselor."

In the digital world we don’t always need a lawyer, but we might need a counselor. Currently in private beta, we’ve launched The Juris Platform to reimagine how we do legal work, and how people get help from verified professionals.

Justice is coming to the
Decentralized Web.

Blockchain is here. Learn more about how we're using it to increase security, efficiency and fairness.